Bring real world objects to 3D NFT

The Waygate Web, iOS & Android applications represent an advancement in 3D NFT technology. It will, for the first time, enable any person with a mobile phone to capture any real life object in 3D and mint it into a NFT.

This enables every person who has a mobile phone to become a creator no matter how limited their artistic skill.

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Social NFT Marketplace

The Waygate Marketplace will differ from your traditional sense of a NFT marketplace.

The marketplace will signify an evolution on how creators engage and view NFT content. Incorporating 3D rotatable NFT’s with social aspects such as likes, comments, share, bookmarked to name a few.



Metaverse Asset Hub

The worlds first blockchain Metaverse Asset Hub where unique creator captures using the Waygate app.

Projects are able to be purchase .OBJ, .GLB, .GLTF format 3D captures to integrate into ANY metaverse environment, allowing creators to monetize their 3D models whilst assisting metaverse projects in saving time & money creating their own.



Reward Point System

When a user mints, purchases a NFT or interacts with other users, they will be rewarded with points.

Users will be able to redeem points as rewards in WAY token once they have reached the accumulation thresholds.




Quarter 1 - 2023

Development of The Waygate 3D NFT scanner

Development of The Waygate NFT Platform

Artificial Intelligence Background Removal

Partnership Announcments

Contract Audits

Public Presale

The Waygate Token Launch

Quarter 2 - 2023

The Waygate Mobile Application Launch (iOS & Android)

The Waygate Social NFT Platform Launch

Minting 3D Object Captures Enabled

Social Platform Features Release

Editing & Cropping Feature Release

Reward System Release

CEX Listings

3D NFT Minting Event

Onboarding Metaverse/GameFi projects

Development of NeRF (Neural Radiance Fields)

Quarter 3 - 2023

The Waygate Application Update, All-In-One Platform

Text-To-3D AI Asset Creation

Augmented Reality NFT Viewer

3D Object Capture Animation Filters

High calibre Central Exchange Listing

NeRF (Neural Radiance Fields) Release

Blockchain Expo Amsterdam Booth

Quarter 4 - 2023

Instagram and Twitter integration of The Waygate
NFTs, subject to their infrastructure

Escrow Marketplace Service Release

The Waygate 3D NFT direct asset print (Dependant on
facilitation availability in your country).

Evolution of next generation 3D NFT model editing feature in-app


Why choose us

  • Metaverse projects need to overcome their limitations. In order to import a 3D computer generated model, it costs thousands of dollars and many months.
  • NFT platforms are yet to evolve and largely limited to 2D images which rely on artistic expertise and skill which reduces accessibility to the public.
  • Waygate will allow creator 3D assets to be imported at a substantially reduced cost and continue to build their metaverse environment.
  • The Waygate enables any person with a smartphone to create a unique 3D NFT of any real life object, adding high utility value to their NFT.
  • There are various projects which have designed warehouses and large infrastructures with hundreds of cameras in order to facilitate hi-res 3D capture which is both inconvenient and limited to a small portion of the worlds population.
  • With the addition of a social aspect, users will be able to comment and like on NFT content and be rewarded for engagement in the form of tokens.
  • Waygate solves that problem by giving the worlds population access to a handheld 3D NFT creator in the form of a mobile application.
  • The Waygate Marketplace will incorporate major social media platforms including Instagram & Twitter allowing users to share content using multiple mediums.