How it Works

The Waygate utilizes an advanced photogrammetry rendering engine, coupled with artificial intelligence, to create precise 3D models of real-world objects or scenes using photographs which can be minted into NFTs.

By analyzing the shapes and positions in multiple photos taken from various angles, the engine can accurately reconstruct the object's geometry.


Create a 3D Asset

Create an account and download our mobile application to start scanning.


Scan your object

Scan the object by taking photos or video around it in 360°, capturing all angles.


Authenticate 3D Asset

Preview your 3D scan before authenticating it into an NFT and sharing it on the platform.

It's a process that combines principles from photography, computer vision, and mathematics to extract information from images and reconstruct the 3D structure of the subject.

Capture photos from different heights, distances, and angles around the object. Include shots from above, below, and all sides.

Keep in mind to capture a sufficient number of photos from different angles to ensure good coverage of the object. Aim for an overlap of around 60-80% between consecutive photos. This helps the rendering engine to find matching features accurately and improves the quality of the reconstruction.

Ensure uniform and diffused lighting conditions to minimize shadows and reflections on the object. Avoid harsh direct sunlight or uneven lighting, as it can affect the accuracy of the scan.

Minimize the presence of moving objects or people in the scene behind during the capture process. They can introduce inconsistencies and disrupt the alignment of the photos.

Don't be discouraged if your initial scans are not perfect. Learn from each attempt, adjust your technique, and continue refining the process.